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i'm back 2 cmpus..

sgt x best..bru je rye smggu..da kne blek cmpus n jd stdnt gle weyh nk pulang ke "kg halaman" nk wt cmne kn..da tggjwb aku as a stdnt..

yg peritnye blek cmpus ni coz 1st week aftr rye ni je test maf da mnunggu..draft bel nk kne submit..test mgt da mnnanti..n byk lg la test2 yg mnyakitkan ati..buhsan gle..but aku akn make sure yg aku akn try the hardest i can utk fulfill all tasks n do the vry best in all my test..

p/s:rbu,30.09.09..amik AD..hooray..

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