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anti makanan

recently,i keep going on to the toilet..
dunno what happened to me..
nk kate mkn cili padi berkilo2 x jgk..
evn mkn sayur je pn,proses pencernaan akn blaku ngn pantasnye..
x mkn,gastrik plak nnt..
ble mkn,kne berurusan d "pejabat am"
haihh..what should i do?????
ingt nk g UK (unit ksihatan) but nope..i dun wanna break my record..
x pnah ok jjakkn kaki d UK uitm ni..
cemerlang x saya..hahahahaha
so,tahan je la skt ni..
kalo nk kena buang,jd haruslah buang kn..
but,i pity 2 myself..mknn x jd darah daging la cm2 kn..
mknn xley convert jd fat pn..dats y la since i was little,bdn kering je smpi ke sudah..
then, conclusion..terima je la seadanye..
mmg proses pncernaan aku dr dlu sepantas kilat...:( *sigh*

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