Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead. The consciousness of loving and being loved brings a warmth and richness to life that nothing else can bring :)


u r now a 21 year old good looking guy..haha

hye everyone..da lme aku x update blog kn..sgt..sgt..sgt..sgggggtttttt bz..
xkn dpt idup tenang until fnal exam abs..
so,yesterday was airy ryan's bday..darling,u r a big guy now..
bole kawin da...hahahah..gatai nok..heeeeee
its the first tyme to celebrate his bday..hoho..nrvous gk la tyme nk bg surprise 2 kn..
what i did is,you know even x la grand sgt pn..present pn x bg lg ni..
aku bg die cupcakes yg sgt comel..i designed it myself k..
tp x la bake cupcakes 2 sndri..order je la..heee
da lme kot order cupcakes ni...since 5th of march lg..smgt gile kn..hoho..
n thanx to cik syaza coz sudi mnumpangkn n mmbawa sy ke pengkalan amik cupcake sni..
sayaaaang ko syaza..heee..
siap bg strawberry lg k kt bday boy,sbb die mngidam sgt nk mkn..
mcm org mngandung plak kn..huhu..
not that grand but i'm trully glad dat he appreciated n like it..

i like dis one d most...cuteeee sgt...

here's the king of the day..huu

so,for the 3rd tyme,hepy bday b...:)

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