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the most HAPPIEST day in my life

assalamualaikum everyone.
i should've updated my blog since last two weeks but i couldn't find tyme to actually browse the net.
freaking busy with loads of tests n quizzes!
so,bcause of i'm having a week of holiday now,i'm trying to post as many story as i can..hehe..
so, 27th of october is the happiest day in my life. i attended my Convocation Day in my lovely campus ever, UiTM Seri Iskandar,Perak..
it was a good opportunity to "melepaskn rindu" with all beloved frenz.
disebabkn masing2 de yg da merantau ke tempat baru,so,our convocation day lah yg mmpertemukn kami smula..
i went there with mummy,adik n mak sad,babah couldn't make it coz busy sgt ngn keje baru, i have to be understanding la kan.
but i felt so lucky sbb my love dpt laungkn mse drive jauh2 sorg2 plak tu dr taiping dtg ke seri iskandar.
it was so nice of you youuu soo much..
n thx for the big flower n lovely smile you've given to me on dat day. :)

the most sporting maksu n mummy in the world!love them :)

irony haa..untung aiman dikepit para gadis kn..huhu

da lme x dpt berkumpul bertiga mcm bestie..on my right side,iqa n on the left, ayu..

he's mine :D..i bet you'll know bout dat..haha.thx for coming darl .realy appreciate it

love the flowers n bears :) a big hug to y'all..

byk lg pi x actualy but pnat rasenye nk mnunggu utk diupload d blogger..haha..
btw, 'HAPPY GRADUATION DAY' to all Dip in Accountancy students batch July 08-Apr 11 :)

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