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Wanna knoe what i did at SpaceU8 Bukit Jelutong,Shah Alam?

well,i knoe all of you mustn't knoe or never heard about this shopping complex ryte.
aku pn xpnah dgr sbnarnye..apatah lg nk g smpi ke U8 tu..
but disebabkn darling sy ajk,so here we go..kemana pn akn ku redah kn..haha..
sbb musabab nk dtg jauh ni cz nk g event Final Pencarian Cover Majalah Yezz..
bkn nk tgk peserta2 tu pn nk tgk artis2 yg wt performance tu je..haha..
well,lets take a look :

suke bdk kecik ni sbb die sgt mghormati org tua..senyum je sntiasa ..

da byk kli jmpe Mimie.dr octtwtfest,AIM n evnt..but bru la 1st tyme ni nk snap pix ngn die..
serius die sgt tggi..n aku plak pkai flat je tyme ni..mmg lg la terserlah KEPENDEKAN..huhu

ramai yg xley teka sape mmat ni..dis is AWI RAFAEL k guys..yeahh i knoe he looks
more handsome in the magazine ryte..what to do..huhu

FORTEEN in da the one on my left side..his voice is truly amazing ..thumbs up!

rapper of One Nation Emcees

outside the bos crew..prsembahan pmbukaan dorg agk gempak

1st pix: muke da sgt penat..dua event berturut2 ..
2nd pix:we both look soooo pinky..hahaha :p
3rd pix:like dis pix sooooooo muchhh :)

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