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SUKOL 2012,UiTM Shah Alam

i juz got dressed,wearing a sort of jubah dress given by my friend after she got back from her Umrah.washed up a lil bit after a 3hours stand at the's schedule is quite hectic.classes started from 8am-4.30pm.memang menggila la kan.the night b4,i woke up as early as 2am to do some work and,am really lacking of good night sleep.

Though hari ni sgt memenatkn but SUKOL event juz now sgt la fun..SUKOL stands for Sukan Antara Kolej.jd,me and my housemates,classmates berkobar2 menjadi part of the continjen mewakili pasukan NR (Non Resident)..sesudah maghrib terus bergegas ke stadium.semangat menyokong rakan2 yg organize punya pasal.though i'm not joining any sport activities, join perbarisan pun i think is quite supportive la kan.

biasalah cik tqa dan rakan2 FFL (Friens for Life) nya ni mmg suke snap pix bila de pelbagai kata the best moments should be keep as memories,ni hasilnya:
 we are FFL..

 pardon we with all the weird pose..hehehe
 me and aan..she said, we look totally orange..hahaha

 after all the waiting and last,we got some water to drink and of coz the one that we've been waiting...the food :)
 the mascot is confuse i
at last we can take picture with this girl..she's wearing hanbok.soo cute isn't she..heee

will stop the update till here.i need to take some rest..tomorrow,assignment,assignment,assignment *sigh*

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  1. mesti seronok. xdpt join sbb malam jumaat tu da gerak g JB.